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INDEX CARD RPG Vol. 1 $6.50
by Kevin W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/24/2017 16:45:56

These are so great; they bring the great artwork of the ICRPG core book to your tabletop very nicely (or just add some great general artwork for use with any game system). My oldest son and I had a great time just making a dungeon "draw deck" and pulling cards until a story started to come together.

I love that the dimensions/margins are set just right so that you only need to cut across two lines (technically three cuts: one cut in half, then two cuts into quarters) without having to "trim" around like so many print-and-play items out there.

For an extra polished look (and durability + waterproof-ness) get an inexpensive thermal laminator and 25 (or 50 in case you need spares) 8.5x11" pouches on Amazon. Cut into quarters, put 4 into each pouch with about a 1/8" margin around each card, laminate, then cut into quarters again. They come out beautifully!

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